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Frequently Asked Questions on CPN
Posted by Bayo Oladapo on 03 October 2014 04:39 AM


Questions & Answers on


What exactly is CarPartsNigeria all about? is a one-stop search engine aggregator for all auto spare parts consumers in Nigeria. It is an online Auto-market where millions of buyers meet sellers regardless of location. Also, it is a portal that links service vendors i.e. artisans like auto mechanic, rewire, panel beater, etc to prospective clients for their auto solutions.

What led to CarPartsNigeria in first instance? was born out of neccessity. One of our directors encountered a series of difficulties finding auto-parts amongst multiple vendors. He thought this cannot be the only way to find autoparts since it was too cumbersome, pricey and time consuming. 

What is the vision of CarPartsNigeria?

 To be a one-stop search engine for all auto spare parts in Nigeria, bridging the auto information gap, rendering remarkable auto services and constantly adding values to the society.


What are the services of CarPartsNigeria?


• Automobile Parts Search • Auctions • Car-for-Sale Listings • Specialist Search • Advertising


Who and who need the services of CarPartsNigeria?


  • Spare/Auto Parts Importers •  Spare Parts Reseller •  Auto Dealers •  Insurance Companies •  Auctioneers  
  • All Car/Vehicle Owners
  • Everyone



Why do you think the services of CarPartsNigeria are useful to Nigerians generally?


  1. Cost Savings - Ability to compare parts       pricing nationwide 2.   Time Savings  3.   Convenience 4.   Vendors Performance Assessment & Review 5.   Customer Service Evaluation 6.   Car Sales Deal Open To All 7.   Get The Best Through Auction Service 8.   Gradual Elimination of Fake Parts


How can people access these wonderful services?


People can visit our website i.e. All information is provided and you can search for any auto spare parts ranging for keke-marwa to trailer/truck parts. However, we just started our pilot operation which we are trying to tighten all loose ends in our system. Consequently, our auto parts database is growing and very soon all parts will be populated by our vendors.


Likewise, by the end of the year, our Mobile App will be launched. That will enhance the functionality of our existing MOBILE ready website. People can already search for parts directly from their mobile phones. That is our ultimate mobile goal.


Can you please throw more light into the basic operation of CPN.


  1. As at today, many Nigeria finds it difficult to dispose their used vehicles, it can take several months to sell. Whereas, a buyer might be sitting down quietly in far away Kogi State who is in search of such vehicle but not aware or know the where about of such vehicle. is a global auto solution center for Nigeria and Nigerians. Also, one can list cars for sale. promises to have millions of visitors per day going through the website daily.  We ensure subscribers or visitors find seamless solution to their auto problems without stress.


Are you setting up a warehouse where spare parts are sold from there?


No, not at all. What has simply done is they built a MEGA ONLINE SHOPS where existing spare parts sellers can buy space to display their goods with detail contacts. We are looking for the likes of CFAO, BRISCOE, ELIZADE, LANRE SHITTU, to take premium space to display unlimited spare parts in our mega online shops. Also there are millions of spaces for all spare parts sellers in Ladipo, Oyingbo, Aspanda, Idunmota, Olowu Market, Ikeja. We have Silver Package Size Space for 100 parts to be displayed while our Gold Package size space will display a maximum of 200 spare parts. We are currently reaching out to auto spare parts sellers in Lagos first in our pilot operation. We are presently creating a global inventory parts database where our subscribers can search.


Are you giving out the space free of charge or what does it cost to have a space online?


Well, just like every property developer who built a shopping complex, every tenant is expected to pay before moving their goods inside for business. Likewise, all our online shops are for rent also. Though, it’s so cheap and easily affordable for all. has considered the economic situation in Nigeria and decided to bring the price so low. However, we are currently running a FREE registration by both Parts and Service vendors. We are giving 500 spaces free for the first 500 parts and service vendors to be enlisted/registered. This is awesome. Mind you, no one can build a shopping complex and ask tenants to enjoy the facility free of charge for a whole month. I don’t know where that exists anyway. But, is saying to all Parts Sellers, especially the ones at Ladipo, Oyingbo, Olowu-Ikeja, Aspanda, Iyana Itire, etc to take advantage of this bonanza.


How much exactly are you looking at to rent a space for a month?


For our Silver Space where to display 100 parts, it will cost N2,200 per month but we will collect 3 months in advance to start with. That is N6,600 for 3 months to be paid at once.

For Gold Space for 200 parts, it will cost N2,500 per month. Therefore N7,500 will be paid or three months. We have the yearly subscription that is available temporarily at a 60 days DISCOUNT and 6 months Subscription at a 30 day DISCOUNT.


For service vendors such as Auto Mechanics, Auto Electriancs (Re-Wire), Panel Beaters and co, it will cost them to get listed on CPN with just N1,200 per month and 6 months will be paid in advance making N7,200. This is damn too cheap for them and that is what we want. We are into WIN-WIN business.


Honestly, we are just too generous and highly considerate. There is no shop in any of these markets i.e. Ladipo, Oyingbo, Olowu, etc that collects less than two years in advance if you’re just taking up a space for the first time. We are here to identify with the plight of Nigerians economically and at the same time help to promote their businesses.


Wow! This is interesting. Do you have any foreign affiliation?


Well, all the brain behind are Nigerians living in the US who wants to add their own quota into the transformation process of the country. They are bringing to the table; a well over 50 years combined experience in business, IT and Management from the US, and coupled with the support of local experts who are majorly into the marketing and consulting to CPN Vendors.


What measures has Car Part Nigeria put in place to check fraudulent activities on the site as observed in other site?


In life generally, we have the good, the bad and the ugly. That is what makes the world going. However, you cannot stop a bird flying over you but you can stop it from building a nest on your head.

  1. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the most widely deployed security protocol used today. Encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal information are

Some assurances to our customers that the website can be trusted.


What of fake parts, how are you addressing that because it is rampant in Nigeria?


Well, with, it will be reduced to a barest minimum with time. How do I mean? We cannot eliminate fake products completely because we cannot eliminate bad people from our society completely too. However, we have put in place a review system, where a buyer can rate the services of parts and service vendors regularly ranging from one start to five star and comments will be allowed to be posted. If one receives an average of two stars with complaint for fake parts, such vendors will not receive patronage again. In such doing, it will discourage selling of fake parts. Mind you, is now and the future of auto spare parts in Nigeria. If you want to do business, you got to do clean business or else you will be sidelined.


What section or class of people is car part targeting?



Can you paint a scenario where the services of parts and service vendors can be used at the same time?


Let’s look at this case. Someone is travelling from say Akure to Lagos and his vehicle got spoilt after Sagamu and does not know what to do next. If he has good mobile phone with CPN Mobile App, he can call for help from our registered service vendors like towing vehicle, Mechanic and even spare parts. All the services can be searched; parts received and get solution to the problem.


Will the buyer pay to use the services of CPN too?


Buyers are not paying a dime. All visitors are not buyers but all buyers are once a visitor. All we require from visitor/buyer is to register with us and it is free of charge.


Why does the free buyer have to register to use the system?


So many reasons.

One, to allow us to give the consumers the best customer experience.

Two, in today's business world identity is critical to avoid any form of spamming or fraudulent activities. Three, to assist visitors in their subsequent search on the site and help them navigate their ways easily. Four, to keep them abreast of latest information on their brand of car via CPN Auto Newsletter.

Five, to receive regular tips on Auto care and maintenance,  and many more


We have a lot of tools in the knowledgebase that is not available on FAQ. Most of these tools cannot be used without registration. You can follow-up the registration is free and can be completed in 30 sec to a minute? We are a startup but we have a lot experience in the IT industry and the customer experience is important to us.


How do vendors make payment to CPN?


Vendors can make payment online by using their credit/debit card. We prefer online payment; however, we are very familiar with Nigeria that not many people know how to make online payment. Therefore, we have put in place an option to make deposit into the CPN designated bank account with Sterling Bank, send their payment details to a specific email for confirmation and get their account activated.


Please, on no situation should cash payment be paid to any of our agents.No agents must collect cash for and on behalf of CPN and they have been instructed not to do so. Anyone who does that is at his/her own risk.


What is your advice to the public, especially the parts and service vendors?


What is constant in life is change!  Time has come for Nigerians to embrace e-commerce like other Nations. The likes of Jumia, Konga, etc have bell the cart for us and we are coming in to advance the business in a specialized field. The business environment is changing and we need to change with time. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different result. If you want more patronages, progress and financial prosperity in business, you need to embrace as an extension of your business to the e-society that is growing in Nigeria today. A day will come when you will not see the kind of people trooping to your market again. No one wants to waste his/her precious time to Ladipo/Oyingbo, etc to buy parts and possible get coined or get accident on the way. Everyone will enjoy getting good services at the convenience of their home. Why not join us at, where millions of buyers meet sellers.


How can we get in touch with CarPartsNigeria?


We can be reached on the following numbers.

  1. 090 9999 5678
  2. 070 3556 4512
  3. 080 3347 4788
  4. 081 2808 2225
  5. 080 2894 0660
  6. 080 5519 2000


Or reach via email:    or Online CHAT from the website. You can also submit a ticket via


United States:       919-2710517




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